Kids learn by having fun.  They also learn the same way adults learn through repetition.


Doing something  over and over again means that the brain will eventually take it on as a habit. What the brain can simplify and make automatic , it will.

When people learn to drive, they do it repetitively until they get it right. Once the brain knows how to drive it goes into the automatic file and you don’t have to think about it again. You simply get in your car and drive.It is the same with reading. Children learn by reading  over and over again.


With the Brayney Kids Little Box of Learning, kids learn by, seeing the words, saying the words and recalling the words. The games make it fun. Playing the games does not feel repetitive to a child, even though they may want to play the games over and over.


The Brayney Kids Little Box of Learning is a fun way for kids to learn to read. No pressure. Just playing games.


Your child can play the games for as long as they like.


They will let you know when they are ready to start with the little readers or the reading cards. The words on the reading cards and the little readers are the same words in the games. There is some exceptions to this however and these words are listed on the back of each book as tricky words. Tricky words are also underlined so the parents know the child may need help with these words.

In my experience as a teacher and a tutor, kids love to play games while they learn. I have had so many kids tell me they wish they could learn all their subjects by playing games.

The Brayney Kids Little Box of Learning Early Childhood Edition is the first in a series of boxes being made to teach children to read. In each box will be worksheets, games and little readers.




BRAYNEY KIDS Little Box of Learning contains:

7 games 

8 little readers

Reading cards 

Reusable markers

A USB with worksheets and video instructions

The cost is $145

postage included




A shop will be up and running soon, Until then I am manually processing orders. Please contact me on 0429 750 330 or email me at

Maria Brayne