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Worms are slimy, worms are small, worms are good for the soil. Do you like worms? I love worms. I love to feed the worms at my house. I give the worms my left over food. I save my food scraps and tea bags and bits of paper, to give to the worms. When I lift up the cover on the worm farm, I can see the worms wiggling and moving.

Worms are really good for the garden. A worm's wee and poo, is really good for the plants and helps them to grow. Worms eat the food and paper and turn it into good stuff for the garden. If you have worms in a worm farm at home, you can get the worm wee and put in onto the plants. This helps the plants to grow.

Worms live in the sand. They do not like the sun. The sun will make them too hot and dry them out. Worms are slimy and wet, that is why they like to live in the soil.

Sometimes if it rains a lot, you may see worms on your drive way. Too much water makes the worms come to the top of the soil. If you see worms on the path, pick them up and put them back into the sand.

if you want to have a worm farm, you can make one at home, with mum or dad, or get one from the shop. You just have to keep all of your food scraps and keep them a bit damp. A good place to keep worms is in their farm under a tree. Worms can not get too hot or they will die. A shady spot is good for worms.

Worms are fun to look after. They help the plants to grow and they eat up all the food scraps we do not eat. They are such good helpers.

Next time you are in the garden, dig the soil and see if you can find any worms.

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