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My pets!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

My name is Maria. I live in Perth Western Australia. I have 3 animals that live with me. I have a cat called Tommy, a dog called Scruffy and a dwarf rabbit called Leon.

I also have two big girls who live with me. They are busy all the time, so it is just Tommy, Leon and Scruffy at home most of the time.

I have one more girl, but she does not live with me and she has two kiss of her own. So I have two grandchildren. Sometimes, my grand children Ava-Grace and Archie come over to play at my house. When they come over, Scruffy barks a lot!

I got Scruffy the dog when he was just 4 years old. No one wanted him so I bought him home. He barks a lot and sometimes it makes me mad, but he is a nice dog who loves to lick kids!

Tommy cat is a big cat! When I sit on my computer chair, he stands on his back legs and taps me on the shoulder. Tommy the cat does not meow. He is a quiet cat.

Leon the Rabbit is a fun little pet. He comes out of his cage every night and he runs around the house. Sometimes, he plays games with me and wont let me catch him! He will hide under the table and run away when I try to grab him.

Leon runs up to Tommy cat and jumps over him. Tommy the cat gets mad and will try to catch Leon the rabbit, with his paw. I have to watch Leon the rabbi,t so the cat does not hurt him.

I wonder if you have any pets at your house?

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