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Making Sand Castles!

Have you ever made a sand castle? Have you ever used a bucket to make a house or a sand castle? Have you seen people make animals out of sand at the beach? Have you ever tried to make one yourself?

Next time you go to the beach, why don't you take a bucket and spade and make a really, really big castle! Or a really big animal.

Fish are easy to make out of sand. They are an easy shape. You just need to make a big shape of the fish, then add a fin.

I once made a mermaid. It was a bit tricky and took me a long time. It was not very good. It did not look much like a mermaid. I might have to make some thing different next time!

I saw a man at the beach, make a dog out of sand. It looked so real. He was very clever.

You can even make sand castles or animals in the sand pit at home. You just need a bit of water. You can use stones, or leaves, or sticks, to make the sand castle look really cool.

Maybe you can ask Mum or Dad, or Gran or Pop, to help you with your sand castle. Big people love playing in the sand.

Here are some ideas of things you can make in the sand:








See how you go! I would love to see some pics of your sand castles. You can get mum or dad, to email them to me at

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