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Gardening... growing vegetables

Updated: 7 days ago

DO you like to do things in the garden? Do you grow any vegetables at your house?

Do you know, it is really easy to grow corn, zucchinis and strawberries? You could grow these in your garden. Ask Mum and Dad to give you a hand. You can grow vegetables in a pot, or you can grow them in the ground.

Vegetables like a lot of mulch. This is old leaves, hay and other stuff from the garden, that you can put around your vegetables.

Other fun vegetables to grow are tomatoes, beetroot and onions. You plant them as seeds and watch them grow. You have to water them every day, unless it is raining. Sometimes bugs like to eat your vegetables too and you might have to pick them off and put them in the bin.

I go outside when it is dark and I use my torch to look at my vegetables. I pick off any snails and caterpillars that are eating my plants and put them in a bucket. Then i take them out the front to live on the grass.

Vegetables can take a long time to grow, but it is fun to watch them. It is even more fun to pick them and eat them for your tea!

Some vegetables grow very big, like pumpkins. Some people grow their pumpkins so big, they cannot pick them up as they are too heavy. You can grow really big vegetables and put them into a competition.

What vegetables would you like to grow?

I grow beetroot, potatoes, carrots, onions, zucchinis and tomatoes and lettuce. I love growing vegetables. I also grow flowers inbetween my vegetables. This helps to stop the bugs eating my vegetables. They eat the flowers instead.

I would love to see some photos of your vegetable garden. You can send them to me at

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