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Do you love Lego?

Do you play with lego? What do you make? Lego is so much fun! With Lego, you can make a house, or a boat, or a space ship! You can even build a whole city, with people and cars and houses!

Have you ever tried to make a dinosaur or a teddy bear out of lego? It can be tricky to make things that you have not done before. But when you make something new, that you have not done before, it is very exciting.

Maybe you can make a bike out of lego. If you have enough Lego, you could make a motorbike. Or even a sports car! If you do make something can you send me a photo of it. I really like to see what kid's make out of Lego. I love Lego. I play Lego with my Grand kids, Ava-Grace and Archie sometimes.

When I was a little girl, Lego was only red, blue, yellow, green and white. Now you have so many colours! When I was a little girl, Lego did not have many moving parts. Just a few wheels. Now you can make amazing things with Lego. I would like to visit Lego Land one day. I would like to build a really big thing, like a bridge!

What is the biggest thing you have ever made? Did it fall down? Do you play Lego on your own, or with your brother or sister?

Don't forget to send me pictures. My email is But make sure an adult does this for you.


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