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Back to school!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

So, you are all back at school now! That is very exciting! School can be so much fun! The best thing about school is making friends. You get to meet all kinds of kids and play with lots of kids.

School can be fun, but not everyone loves school. Some kids have a hard time at school, they miss their mum and dad, or they find the work hard. So it is good to be nice to kids at school. Being nice to kids, will help them to feel safe.

My best subject at school was reading. I loved to read. But until I was ten, I did not know how to read. I tried, but I just could not read. I have Dyslexia, this is a problem with reading. But when I did learn how to read, I read all the books in the house!

I still read a lot of books. I also read to my grand kids. The book I love the most to read to kids is called, "I love you, Stinkey Face." It is a book about little boy and his mum and how he goes on big adventures in his imagination.

I wonder what you like to read? Do you like to read books about animals? Do you like to read books about camping? Do you like to read books about Dinosaurs? Do you read big fat books, or small books? Do you read in bed? Do you read in the bath? Do you read in the back yard?

What is the book you love to read over and over? Maybe you can get this book out now and go read it to Mum or Dad, or even your pet. Do you know, pets like you to read to them? They like listening to the sound of your voice!


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