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Bees are small but they are good for our garden. They take pollen from flower to flower. This helps the flowers to grow. Bees also make honey which is nice to eat. Do you like to eat honey? I like to eat honey on toast.

Some facts about bees:

Bees have 5 eyes

Bees have 6 legs

Male bees are called Drones

Female bees are called Worker Bees

Bees can fly up to 32 km an hour. This is about how fast an electric scooter can go.

When a bee loses it's sting it dies.

If you would like to see bees in your garden, you can plant more flowers. You can also make a bee hotel so the bees will come to your garden. Here is a link to make one. First check with mum or dad if you can look at this link.

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